Observation: What is Love?

Seriously, has anyone ever provided a fitting answer to this question? 

Perhaps not. The truth is that the act of being in love is different for each person because, in my point of view, Love is a combination of confusion, enjoyment, thrill, fear, adoration, and security. Perhaps there are more sentimental words that we can add to the list just mentioned, but in reality, love, the act of it is simply something undefinable.  Read More

Writing: Phases



Those were the days, 

days full of laughter— wide smiles,

exuberant cries and happy tears.

The future? Endlessly

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Intro: New York City

New York City– The Concrete Jungle! The City of Dreams. 

There are perhaps many connotations given to New York City, given the reputation that it has created for itself. More specifically, however, when people mention New York City (NYC for short), they often refer to Times Square. Rightly so, Times Square is notoriously known for its second name: The City that Never Sleeps. But, even though Times Square is the place to go when visiting this state, is that really it? The answer is simple: NO.

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