3.16: Seeking Mnemosyne

3.16: Seeking Mnemosyne


A sea of emotions is at rest

Enclosing cries of lovers inside

Reaching far like arms of trees, straying

Away are the thoughts that consume me

A river of feelings never read

In manuals, stoics attempt to hide

Alike purses on a woman’s arm

Bearing daily habits in those eyes

Where tiredness lies in need of a dram

Of storylines, lines shared underneath

Nightmares chosen– those expired daydreams

Never awarded the chance to breathe.

Those lips, colorless, empty and cold

Smirk at me in nostalgic splendor

Where I am dragged, allured and adored

Over once an existing glamour

Of young evenings underneath red skies

Following the falling of a leaf

Considered only in its demise

Eyes temped by treasures behind the heel

Unfamiliar to reality

Following these imaginations

What is sought is forever too late

Underneath those separating skies.

Selected words to falsify smiles

Lips refusing to shout misery

accidents that seem like reasoning

For another mistake to be made

A breeze of lies carry me tonight

Beneath sanded cities that I’ve walked

Before, where at night thoughts like to roam

Back to forgotten consequences

To return sanity to the death

In a never-ending sacrifice.

Taste of skin, unfamiliar leather

To the accustomed treat which passes

Like faked laughter over needed tears

Cups of coffee serve to fill the time

Grieving by midday with consumption

The thoughts of yesterday seem so far

Surreal to what appears common

Like those sweet lies of bedtime stories

Where segregated tragic heroes

Never seem to obtain victory.

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