Writing: Limerence




The days were planned,
like a night full of dreams,
painted in colors,
with our favorite palette. 
At the stars, we gazed,
dragging our fingers across the constellations,
as if were mantled under its traveling path,
lucky to invent our desires.
We spoke without fear,
ready to take on the open world,
without worrying about the past,
without worrying of the present.
We were dreamers, after all,
hankering for the best novel,
avoiding the ordinary,
neglecting the reality–
we walked for five leagues,
enjoyed a few stories,
avoided the boring plots,
until the hour came
that we got caught.
Forced, we were,
to go back to reality,
to speak of distasteful formalities–
words from cherry lips,
felt like velvety wine,
an illicit after state for the mind.
Contradicting words,
were spoken,
like flames underneath a fire–
useless falsifications.
The promises of tomorrow
were seen in your eyes,
highlighted by excitement,
and thrill,
of the uncertainty of life.
Was it worth to wake up?


  1. “hankering for the best novel, / avoiding the ordinary,”

    For some reason, those two lines really spoke to me this morning. Maybe because I’ve been doing just that lately with novels, Netflix, movies, comics, music…

    Liked by 1 person

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