Observation: Character Traits

The number of characters that I have come across during my years of reading is quite a lot; however, from the top of my head, there are only a few cases that have stuck with me— or that I can remember pretty well.

Why would that be?

Putting aside the obvious fact that one might feel attracted to the complexity of the story,  it is perhaps the connection or attachment that we might have to the personality imbued with the character— which we follow through every line, every paragraph, and every page— that makes us remember them more than others. 



The ever so wonderful Kate recently told me about fun fact #7712, which states that “subconsciously [you can] take attributes of your favorite fictional character while reading a story. It is called ‘experince taking’, and it sometimes leads to temporary or even permanent changes in your real life,” and it instantly triggered my curiosity to delve sometime into listing certain characters that had an impact on me. 



As soon as I read the description of the fact, there was one character that came to mind— Richard Diver, from Tender is The Night. One of the elegant works fo F. Scott Fitzgerald.  



Throughout the story, Dick Diver undergoes a change so dramatic that places him under the category of a tragic hero, given the proper argument. With this in mind, and to avoid spoilers, my preference for Dick is based on the first two parts of the story. One trait that represented him very well was positivity— in multiple scenarios, this attribute allowed for life to continue around him. Whether it was the aid he provided to his wife or the overlooking of class differences between them and the McKisco, when he invited them to dinner, it was clear to see that Dick Diver was the momentum for things to happen. 



(( … tries not to describe Dick’s fall from grace ))



Getting back on track to the point of this post, I must state that really liked the personality that Dick had. Multiple times he could have been bitter and toxic to the complementing characters but he chose not to; he gave the others multiple opportunities to leave and create a new impression on him. Based on these attributes, I can tie back to fact #7712 and say that this characteristic has stuck with me.



Multiple times I have taken a step back, to recollect my thoughts, and decide to see the hurdles ahead from a positive angle— I like to think that being negative or toxic takes a toll on the person more than the actual causation. Besides, no one likes to hear when a person complains without properly expressing their thoughts 😉

Perhaps it is not always possible to be positive— as other emotions can break the best of us— but at least I try, and I have managed to incorporate this point of view whenever hindrance knocks at my door. As I type this, a few other characters come to mind– like Jace from TMI, and Fitz from KoTLC– but I won’t write about them just yet because I would rather hear what you guys have to say.




So— given that all of you have read amazing novels— are there any characters that you might have taken some traits from and incorporated in your life?  


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