c'est moi

Seriously, has anyone ever provided a fitting answer to this question? 

Perhaps not. The truth is that the act of being in love is different for each person because, in my point of view, Love is a combination of confusion, enjoyment, thrill, fear, adoration, and security. Perhaps there are more sentimental words that we can add to the list just mentioned, but in reality, love, the act of it is simply something undefinable. 

I express my thoughts based on the performance “Another Fucking Warhol Production” directed by Raja Feath3r Kelly.  The concept prominent to the act was concerning the act of being in love from the inner ((the people in love)) and the outer perspective. Whether it be by showing the phase known as Honeymoon or the climax of a relationship, it was clear to see that such stages can be related by those observing it, including me. However, when digging more into the complexities of their relationships it became noticeable that the emotions tying the two together were not something that I would consider a driving force for me to be in a relationship with them.  In fact, at some point, if the performance,  I became aware that I wanted to stay away from such emotions

Confused, however, I could still relate to them on some deeper level– I am not sure if it was their clothing, which eliminated gender and the physical limitations attained by facial expressions, but it was clear to see that the audience felt familiar to each character. I think the Feath3r Theory did an excellent job at selecting the clothing; to a certain extent, it left the elements that can be universally relatable by any individual. 


At the end of the performance, which was two hours of arresting content, the questions that roamed through their actions were: is love an emotion or an act? If we can see it, do we feel it? Honestly, I have no answers for it. In fact, I am a line away from writing about the scenes, so let me end it here because I really want to start writing spoilers and we know nobody likes that. 😉



25 Replies to “Observation: What is Love?”

  1. Love is everything you mentioned and more. I also think there is ‘Loving someone and ‘being in love with someone’, two very different states of heart and soul but both considered to be love…it’s complicated 😊

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      1. 😊 haha! Dogs seem to have such nicer qualities that something a human has apparently been made ‘in likeness’. Dogs are more forgiving than humans and gods…. I dunno, they have better values than a lot of supposed Christians I’ve known or met too….and so much more 😊

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      2. Haha, i love it! Now, I will look forward to hear about the cat on your header. I do agree, sometimes animals have more qualities that is given to others without expecting anything in return. That alone is something humans lack (:


      3. 😁they do, don’t they!?! And you can tell what they are thinking. People have words, animals don’t but I always seem to know where I stand with my furry n feathered friends 😀The cat is my pushy self promoter… Had to have an aloof and distant character…I mean, who else portrays a well deserved famousness with such feline grace and ease… But ridiculously conical too? 😁

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      4. I hear you! Only a cat can promote it the right way. When I saw it I was taken aback for a moment, because I also have one cat and he is king of the house, the bed, and every space that is cool during the summer or warm during the winter. Returning back to the point from earlier, I agree that they can communicate without the need of words. One time after a surgery that I had, my cat sat next to me every day for almost a month until I was feeling better. Afterwards he was gone to his favorite spots. This one is a long one, haha. (:


      5. Oh that is such a beautiful thing! Sometimes they can act very aloof but really do care and know when you need them. From day dot my beautiful George would be in my lap if he could get to it. For almost 19years we were best friends… He would let me vacuum his tummy 😊 He’s not here anymore but I will never forget him 😢


  2. Hey Iker,

    A short hop across the small puddle and voila, I arrive in NY and settle for a short spell…the weather is far better here than at home and the buildings far taller. Thank you for the follow of my Blog, your presence is always welcome….I hope you will enjoy the story unfolding there.

    I enjoy your poetry and the distillation of your thoughts, ‘Phases’ being my favourite thus far.

    You’ve asked a huge question, what is Love: ‘is it a feeling or an act. If we can see it, do we feel it?’ and for what it is worth, my brief thoughts…Love is a force that brings every creative act to perfection. Since we are a product of the act of creation we are by definition also Love. Therefore every action we undertake is an act of Love. Sexual Love is something very different to spiritual Love. Ultimately, Love is a communion with Nature.

    Anyhoo, I have to dash else I’ll miss the last flight home 🙂 Good to meet you Iker, I wish you and your Blog every success and will no doubt be back again. Take care in all ways always.

    Namaste 🙂


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    1. Careful! We had a sky rocketing humidity today that resembled a volcano. I am sure home would have a nicer weather! Haha.

      I do appreciate the extensive wording of your comment— the goal of a writer is often to receive a word, or a sentence of feedback at max. However, to receive a paragraph with such detailed and expansive feedback is simply delightful. Thank you! I appreciate it a lot, really.

      Regarding Phases, and my other forms of writing, I tend to flow the words in form of freestyle. I try to avoid the standards of academic writing (only for these type of “venting” :-p) to grasp a raw and fast-paced intuition of a certain feeling. I am glad you liked it! And I hope to post a few more in the upcoming days.

      When time allows, I will definitely be going over some of your works. Provided that your comments are imbued with an extensive vocabulary, I am sure that I will be impressed by you works.

      I hope you arrived home on time! Cheers.

      -Iker ⠀


      1. Hey Iker,

        Wales, UK is drowning beneath lashing storms and torrential rain. Flight is grounded for the duration as such so I’ve taken to walking once again. NYC has taller buildings with a better view, here I’ve to find a mountain if I want to experience a panorama.

        Thank you for your reply. I’ve sense you enjoy your writing and photography Iker and find a lot of pleasure in it. I hope you’ll trust that feeling and pursue interest in it with Love and allow its passion to guide you onwards to bigger adventure. Your ‘intention’ to publish further is an exciting idea.

        Tell me Iker, are you interested in symbols? If so, and purely for personal interest, here’s a read that may put a smile on your dial. http://www.whats-your-sign.com/fox-animal-symbolism.html

        Thank you for asking, the flight home went far better than expected and satisfied in ways only flying can.

        I’ll look forward to you visiting chez Dewin. Until then Master Foxx…

        Namaste 🙂


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      2. Dewin, thank you for the kind wishes! I do hope that you pursue your aspirations and accomplish your objectives, in regards to writing.

        I have always a had a preference for Foxes since I was a kid– there is something about them, past the clever and sly behavior, that increases my preference for them over… let’s say a lion. After reading the link that you sent me, I have found an interesting companion: some of the traits listed match the attributes needed to be considered a Slytherin, from HP books. I am not sure you have read them or know of the houses, but I found this connection to be interesting provided the fact that I have always considered myself to belong to that house. Haha. I guess a smile did appear.

        Wales, on its own regard, surely has enticements to the eye that the concrete city of New York lacks— I hope to travel there sometime in the future and see the panorama, under the rain.

        On a different note, I hope you have been well— cheers! (:


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      3. Hey Iker,

        My pleasure. I hope we both pursue aspirations and objectives and transcend them 🙂

        Ah yes, foxes and Slytherin – the connection being: cunning, resourcefulness, and ambition? Couldn’t agree with you more. Cunning here references adaptability, flexibility, attitude, and having the gonges to be a shrewd but respectable dude. Bwahahaha lol 🙂

        I am too am a fox fan. It comes after finding a fox cub skeleton that was left in the woods by badgers and having taken it home and cleaning it, I photographed the bones and used them to create a new species.


        I am a HP film fan…each is my favourite in differing ways. I’ve not read the books, but have them on audible books for a lazy afternoon sometime in the near future.

        NYC is a location I will visit in my lifetime. The experience will be very different in all ways to any city visit in the UK. Wales has an exceptionally beautiful and varied landscape, north Wales to my thinking is the most scenic and impressive, yet there are many locations across Wales, and its coastline so beautiful one can hear the angels sing. If you visit I hope you will immerse yourself in the legends, fables, and ancient cultures that have left their mark on the Welsh landscape. Oh, and don’t forget your camera!

        And on a different note, thank you for asking I have been and remain well thank you. And you?

        Hoping the forthcoming weekend will offer freedom to fly!

        Namaste 🙂



  3. There are a lot of definitions for “love” out there, but I think that’s because there are several different kinds of “love.” And those different versions of love take different forms for different people.

    Other languages have completely different words for love’s various forms: words for brotherly love, filial love, marital love, puppy love, lust. A distinct word for each, not just a modifier.

    As much as I love English for its ability to cannibalize other languages, it seems to fall short when it comes to that particular word. Perhaps it’s a vestige of our Old English tendency to make compound words out of unique thoughts and feelings. Maybe it’s something else. Stubbornness, maybe. Who knows.

    Thanks for the read. I enjoyed it.

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    1. Jacob, I do agree– and would like to extend that language, in regards to expression, can lack certain characteristics that are otherwise exhibited through one’s actions and emotions. For that very reason it is always interesting to see the different dynamics that can be spoken about love.

      I definitely missed the different forms of love when I was writing this– I loved that you brought it up because it is something that is often overlooked, lacked even, in the every day language that we have come accustomed to here in NY. Cheers for that great response! Thank you. 🙂


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      1. Ha! “Love” is definitely a lost word on the city streets. That’s for sure.

        Your post really tempts me to start writing serious thoughts again–something a little more substantial than silly 15-minute serials.

        After two years of translating, it’s been nice to write popcorn reads again. But I think I might need to dust of the old machine before it gets too grey.

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    2. Hey Jacob,

      I enjoyed your comment, but wanted to add…doesn’t one English word derived from a multitude of root-stems and once uttered by a Babel of desiring tongues suggest there is ultimately only one word for Love because there is really only one effective way to express the multifaceted nature of Love itself. Love is a totality: it is the answer to an equation that is always far greater than the mere sum of its parts.

      Why would a definition of perfect Love need a modifier or qualifier? Perhaps the ultimate ‘expression’ of Love is wordless?

      I agree there is a sliding scale of emotion and reaction within human love but there is not a sliding scale of emotion in Infinite Love. Human love is often complex and further complicated by the indulgence of ego. Human love relies on classification because the ego is diverse and unique to each of us…and we each want to be heard. Realistically, fundamentally, your personal experience of anything is so exclusive to you that there are no words for you to describe any conscious activity you undertake in detail sufficient to have me know it as you do. English, as a vehicle for transmission of information, feeling, sentiment, emotion etc breaks down at a certain level where it has no identical counterpoint in perceived reality. It is why the Arts are so exquisite acting as both a celebration of individuality and as an expression of Collective Consciousness. Our individual appreciation of the Arts: our perceived reading of it and the emotion it excites is often an emotion always one letter away from being a word.

      The human heart has an infinite capacity to give and receive Love. A loving state is not difficult to achieve: as a writer you will know this to be true through the choice of your own words.

      Namaste 🙂


      Hey Iker,

      How you doin? 🙂 Hoping all is swell in the well else well in the swell of NYC.

      You wrote, ‘and would like to extend that language,’ – cool! Then I’ve a challenge for you, should you choose to accept it? Write a Love poem to your muse or write an ode to NYC 🙂 You up for that?

      Namaste 🙂



      1. Dewin,

        All is well, my friend– though, I have to share with you a little treat I found during an afternoon stroll in NYC. Have you ever had the best fries in the world? Well, a few people– myself included– have praised such title to Pommes Frites, in NYC. I am not sure if you are a fan of fries, but you should check it out if you find yourself walking about the zip code 10012. (;

        And I accept the challenge! I have not had the chance to write much, provided my lack of discipline, lately. But I will definitely try to compose something that can reach the tail of the magnificent pieces of writings that you often create. I would say wish me luck, but I would be lying– since luck is not often well acquainted with love, which my topic is about. haha. Cheers!


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  4. Hey Iker,

    I’m all good thank you my friend and greatly satisfied that it is the weekend. After a long working week having two days away from the grinding coal-face means room to breathe and chance to dream once more without black dust getting in my eyes, up my nose, or in my lungs. There is clean clear air only on my mountain above the cloud-line of contrived life.

    You write: ‘I have not had the chance to write much, provided my lack of discipline, lately.’ I admire that highly focussed keenly edged sharpened blade of a mind you feed fries and keep imprisoned from prose or verse, but I am enthused to hear you will shortly be setting pen to paper in a bid to freestyle with intention – it’s been a while since you wrote? Don’t you miss it?

    In discussing fries…yes I’d go far and wide for decent Fries, but zip code 10012 – 128 Macdougal Street is a way to go bro! In the UK, fries are equivalent to French Fries: rather slim elegant cut lengths of thin potato. However the Brits eat chips…not to be confused with your potato chips snuffled when quaffing. Ours are thick cut solid yet fluffy chunky potato fries for men who also eat steak grrrr lol 😉 Your type of chips are called crisps in the UK. I know, ‘crisps’ hardly sounds manly at all when compared to our potato chips but that’s tradition for you. Perhaps you may be to young to recall, potato chips were once served in the UK in newspaper…an affordable and common sense alternative to greaseproof paper. For some reason the combination of salt and vinegar eased taste from both paper and ink to enhance flavour and return a palatable experience conventional food service cannot provide. Try it yourself and see what you think. Live on the edge a little lol 🙂

    I do recall once eating at a restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland, UK called the ubiquitous Chip. An adorable name for a decent little eatery serving with frites on the menu.

    ‘I would say wish me luck, but I would be lying– since luck is not often well acquainted with love, which my topic is about.’ Well maybe this time you’ll get lucky and Fate will find you before luck does and offer you something beyond your wildest dreams? Or maybe, just maybe, one or more of the Muses might step out beside you as you hit the sidewalk and bag yourself an Ode. Do you have a muse Iker?

    Anyhow, I must dash else slip and slide, my day races ever quicker towards eventide. Enjoy the weekend, keep sifting the fine from the coarse whilst you gather gold.

    Namaste 🙂



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