Intro: New York City

New York City– The Concrete Jungle! The City of Dreams. 

There are perhaps many connotations given to New York City, given the reputation that it has created for itself. More specifically, however, when people mention New York City (NYC for short), they often refer to Times Square. Rightly so, Times Square is notoriously known for its second name: The City that Never Sleeps. But, even though Times Square is the place to go when visiting this state, is that really it? The answer is simple: NO.

There is so much more to New York that one can live a lifetime exploring it and still not know of the hidden gems that it has to offer.

So, here it is my effort to document all those hidden gems. Whether it be from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden or Five Points in Queens, I will try my best to write about the lesser known places that are a must see in New York. 

In addition to that, you might also find shitty poetry or proses. But you probably already knew that. 



  1. I. love. NYC. It’s the most beautiful city in the world! Midtown/Hell’s kitchen district is my favorite place to go. I’ve also been to the southern tip and Wall street. Although, I’ve never been to the upper sides. I live in NJ, so I travel there sometimes. Do you live in NYC?

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    • Hey, Jo! That’s so cool– you are a neighbor. Those areas are often crowded, during the weekends, but are definitely a treat to visit. I live 15 minutes away from the city by train, so almost there 🙂

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  2. I lived in Jersey for 2 years (about a 2 min car ride from the GWB) and I loved Times Square when I visited the City for the first few times but then I began to dislike it… Then family members and friends came to visit me and of course they wanted to see Times Square… Fun times… 😀

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    • Yeah, I hear you. Had you spoken to me two years ago and I would have told you that I wanted to move to another city, another country even. But after a while, i decided to live like a “tourist.” See each gem with new eyes and I began to fall in love with it again. I used to share my stories through snapchat and a lot of people wanted to visit it again, though they had lived here. Maybe I will get tired of it someday 😛

      Glad to see another person from the East. I hope you are dealing with the humidity well! (:

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  3. I definitely want to visit NYC. 🙂 🙂
    Uh, I guess you mean my friend Ashley (if you mean with humidty Texas?) because it’s not really humid hear in Germany right now. 😀

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    • You should! There are so many places that you will really enjoy. Haha, Sabrina, I am so jealous to hear that you are away from this humidity! Poor Ashely, give her my regards to stay hydrated. (:

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      • Oh I should rather say I want to visit NYC again. haha Even spending nearly every weekend there for two years was not enough. 🙂
        I know! I was in Texas twice so far, once un June and once in August and it was terrible. But I think that you get used to it after a while. 🙂


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