Skies full of pain stare down those Souls whose backs have hurt beneath A thousand suns, endless hours Where sweat …


Nostalgia;   Those memories, they fall, down the river of nostalgia. Fading with every second, changing by the minute,

Writing: Limerence

Limerence;     The days were planned, like a night full of dreams, painted in colors, with our favorite palette. 

Observation: What is Love?

Seriously, has anyone ever provided a fitting answer to this question?  Perhaps not. The truth is that the act of …

Writing: Phases

    Those were the days,  days full of laughter— wide smiles, exuberant cries and happy tears. The future? Endlessly. 

Intro: New York City

New York City– The Concrete Jungle! The City of Dreams.  There are perhaps many connotations given to New York City, …