Excerpts from Jealousy & Admiration

She gazed at the ocean, submerging her sight toward the reflection of the moon. Those waters that unfolded, highlighted by the placid mantle of its splendor, carried the state of her mind across its serenity. Fixated, he, as well, observed her, admiring her ethereal complexity with the same fascination as the one with which she observed the vastness of the ocean with, waiting to be washed away.  Read More




Those memories, they fall,

down the river of nostalgia.

Fading with every second,

changing by the minute,

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Writing: Limerence




The days were planned,
like a night full of dreams,
painted in colors,
with our favorite palette.  Read More

Writing: Glances


She reminded me of those shooting stars; those stars that set the sky ablaze during their resplendent travel, enticing the eyes with enlightening delight, only to never be seen again. Read More

Observation: Character Traits

The number of characters that I have come across during my years of reading is quite a lot; however, from the top of my head, there are only a few cases that have stuck with me— or that I can remember pretty well.

Why would that be?

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