She gazed at the ocean, submerging her sight toward the reflection of the moon. Those waters that unfolded, highlighted by the placid mantle of its splendor, carried the state of her mind across its serenity. Fixated, he, as well, observed her, admiring her ethereal complexity with the same fascination as the one with which she observed the vastness of the ocean with, waiting to be washed away.  (more…)

Seriously, has anyone ever provided a fitting answer to this question? 

Perhaps not. The truth is that the act of being in love is different for each person because, in my point of view, Love is a combination of confusion, enjoyment, thrill, fear, adoration, and security. Perhaps there are more sentimental words that we can add to the list just mentioned, but in reality, love, the act of it is simply something undefinable.  (more…)